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Owl Photography Studio is a personal dream of ours. We want to capture the very essence of what makes you unique. Some photography studios want to speed through the process but we believe we can give you personal pictures in a reasonable time frame without sacrificing quality.

Mike Hurley

Our primary photographer is Mike Hurley. Right after High School he started making 3D Models for Military Simulators and then was introduced to Photoshop in 1997. In 2000 he started to work with a photographer. While he was being taught, he helped with several weddings as a second photographer. In 2013 he formed his own photography company with the encouragement of lots of friends and family. He looks forward to each new client and wants to know how he can make their memories last forever.


In 2013 Michael joined the Oviedo Photo Club and has helped them with photographing many of the City of Oviedo Events. He is frequently found taking the portraits at the Carnival of Screams, & the Lighting of the Christmas Tree in Oviedo.


Sue Hurley

Sue has been working with Michael in the photography world since 2013. She is an excellent photo manipulator and can often be found doing websites and videos as well as photography. Previously, she worked as a 3D Modeler for government contracts. She's familiar with a variety of Photoshop products and seeks to really enhance each photo to give you the best result. She is our primary photo restoration expert. Sue loves taking pictures of kids and tiny babies as well as all of your pets. 

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