Owl Photography LLC



Owl Photography LLC was formed in January 2013.

Our photographer is Mike Hurley. Our business manager is Sue Hurley.

Our Business

After looking at how expensive it is to get some good photos done, we decided that we could change that and provide a valuable service to you. 

Our Photographer

Mike is passionate about making his clients happy and getting the best photo for them. He has been taking photos since 2000 but not professionally. His background is in computer modeling. He has been working in Photoshop since 1997. Before opening up this company he has done 8 weddings for friends and family. In 2013 he formed his own photography company after several people were asking why he wasn’t doing photography professionally. He looks forward to each new client in how can he make their memories last forever.

Pictures speak far better then words. So here are some photos he has takens. These are the Weddings and Portraits that he has done since opening Owl Photography.